New Year News

Well, things have been busy in the workshop already this year. I’ve been working on a couple of mandolins – one is  an Eastman F5 copy, in for a re-fret, and the other is an Embergher 5 bis copy circa 1920,  a round-backed roman  mandolin with fluted maple ribs. It needed a new fingerboard and a general tidy up. I also started work on a neck graft on an 18th century Bohemian violin; the old neck had been broken in an accident. I’ve also done some bow rehairs and repaired a belly crack in a German violin c1870. I’m currently finishing off some repairs to Mike Harding‘s fiddle.

As well as my luthier work, I give private lessons and I have a few spaces available for new students on fiddle or mandolin. If you’re interested in lessons or need a repair to your fiddle or mandolin, please get in touch here.

If you haven’t heard my fiddle playing (or even if you have!), try this link.

You can also check out my mandolin playing here.

I’m planning to record an instrumental CD in the spring and hope to include some Bach, Vivaldi and Corelli, along with traditional tunes and some swing. I’ll be playing arrangements on fiddle, mandolin, viola, mandola, mandocello and guitar! I’ll also be teaching at a fiddle workshop in Grantham in May 2012. More details on that to follow soon. No live dates planned at the moment other than private functions, but watch this space . . .


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