Midsummer news

Well, I’ve finally got round to another blog. Here we are in midsummer already – not that you’d know it! 

On the playing side I’ve been booked for quite a few ceilidhs, parties and dances over the past few weeks, working with fellow musicians Liam Robinson, Tim Walker, Nina Zagorski, Eoin Teather, James Raynard and callers Sue Coe and Ron Darnbrough. I’ve been all over the place: Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire, Bedfordshire and Lincoln. I’ve been playing at dances since I was a teenager and I never tire of it. I’m also looking forward to getting together with Tim van Eyken in the not too distant future, to start rehearsing for the Tim Van Eyken Band pre-Christmas tour (more details about that soon!). At home, I’ve been playing a lot of Bach on the mandolin, as well as mandolin music written by various 18th century Italian composers. Purely for my own enjoyment, you understand! I’ve also been playing guitar and getting some ideas for new songs.

Down in my workshop, I’m busy with various luthier jobs. I’m working on a couple of mandolins and fiddles for customers, as well as major restoration work on a 19th century French violin. I’ve also done a lot of work on a badly damaged guitar and now it’s almost ready to set up. Do get in touch if you have a stringed instrument that needs repairs or restoration, or if you just need a set-up or a bow rehair.  

On the teaching front, a couple of new mandolin students have started taking lessons with me recently, which is great as I have mostly fiddle students. I think that the mandolin must be getting more popular. I hope so because it’s a great instrument. Mandolins are also a great aid for fiddle players and they improve your intonation and general precision. Every fiddle player should have one!

I’m looking into offering Skype lessons in the near future, and just need to make sure I have the technology all sorted out before promoting that option here on my website. So even if you live on distant shores (or just the other side of the country) you’ll be able to come to me for fiddle or mandolin lessons online. In the meantime, I still have space for a couple more “real world” students! So if you’re looking for a fiddle or mandolin teacher and you’re in or near West Yorkshire, drop me a line through the contact form here or via my Facebook page at Gina Le Faux Music.

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  1. Susann

    Hi Gina

    great pics on Facebook…great instrument…and a great player!
    It takes an excellent player for an excellent instrument or the instrument won’t sound like yours, I guess. I like the clip you put on Facebook! Is there a CD available with your dance music?
    Hope you will show us the development of your viola as well.
    And by the way: I followed your advice about Mandolins. I got a “The Loar 520 VS” and I’m astonished at how easy it is to play. Much easier as the violin…yes, it has frets ;-)
    Take care!

  2. Susann

    Hi Gina

    I’ve got today your CDs “Masquerades and Opera” and “September Road”: I’m absolutely delighted with your music ! There’s an abundance of tunes and songs, I can’t stop listening. You are one of the greatest and most versatile musicians I know. These CDs are a must for every fan!

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